Wood Restoration

Elements like strong wind and rain make wooden surfaces prone to extreme damage. These harmful elements can cause wood surfaces to become rough and uneven and threaten the integrity of the structure.

When the wood’s structure is at risk of damage, it can cause instability in your home, so it’s essential to have your wooden surfaces checked regularly. If you notice damage on any of your wooden surfaces, you should look into wood restoration immediately. Wood restoration can make your deck, siding, fence, or any other wooden surface, solid and beautiful for years to come.

The top-rated cleaning service provider XteriClean Pressure Washing offers wood restoration services for homes of any size and age.

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Benefits of Wood Restoration

Aside from preserving your home’s aesthetic, wood restoration can help.

Wood Restoration

Prevent Wood From Rotting or Decaying

Water damage, extreme weather, UV rays, and insect infestation on wood surfaces make them prone to rotting, decaying, mold, and mildew if left unattended. Proper wood restoration services can preserve your wooden deck and attic for years and prevent costly repairs down the road.

As soon as you notice any signs of damage to your fences or wooden decks, call your local cleaning service to discuss your options and prevent further damage. At XteriClean Pressure Washing, we provide free quotes and walk our clients through our wood restoration methods.

Added Value to Your Home

If you plan on selling your home in the future, restoring the wood is one way to make your property more profitable. Restoring wood will retain its original color and improve its appearance. Prospective buyers will notice the wood looks as good as new.

Because XteriClean takes preventative steps to reduce future maintenance costs, wood restoration services are more cost-efficient than having wood replaced.

wood restoration
Wood Restoration

Increased Visual Appeal

Freshly varnished or glossy stained wood is much more appealing than weathered wood. Wood restoration is an excellent way to make your home memorable to your guests, leaving them with a strong first and lasting impression.

Wood restoration plays a crucial role in your home’s design. Replacing dried, cracked, or warped wood, or wood with loose or missing nails can make a lasting impression on neighbors, visitors, and potential home buyers.

Why Choose Us?

XteriClean Pressure Washing has effective services for cleaning your home and avoiding mold infestation. Their pressure washing professionals know which cleaning solutions are safe to use for which type of wood.
We aim to satisfy our customers by tailoring our techniques to suit the type of wood they have. If you have stained wood or exotic hardwood, we’ll restore it without compromising its condition.

XteriClean Pressure Washing will answer any questions you have about their cleaning service and about how long it will take to clean your deck, fence, or other wooden surfaces. They will go over all the processes that go into wood restoration and the restoration’s benefits.

We’ll not only make your wood look good as new, but we will also make the wood surfaces last for a much longer time.

Certified To Handle Various Types of Wood

Most pressure washing companies can do the job, but not all of them have the qualifications to handle different types of wood. XteriClean Pressure Washing is prepared to handle all kinds of wood using our specialized equipment.

Types of Wood

These are only some of the types of wood we clean. We can make any wood look fresh, new, and even improve the look with a fresh paint job after we wash the surface.

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We help customers from Savannah and surrounding areas preserve the integrity of their wood surfaces and restore them to their natural beauty.

If you are from Savannah or any of the surrounding areas, consider calling XteriClean Pressure Washing to address your wood restoration concerns. We offer free estimates, so feel free to reach out to us!

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